AVERT Membership Information and Application

Applications for research membership

There are two criteria for joining AVERT as a research member:

1. Research members must be active researchers in any discipline in the area of addressing violent extremism and radicalisation to terrorism. ‘Active research’ is defined as having a) published at least 3 peer-reviewed articles and/or publicly available research reports over the last 5 years; and/or b) being currently enrolled for a doctoral degree (PhD or Professional Doctorate) at a recognised and accredited university; and/or c) receiving at least one externally funded research grant supporting research relevant to AVERT’s focus over the last five years.

Research members are expected to be active participants in AVERT engagement activities and to share information about their research projects, publications and related activities with other members through outlets such as the AVERT Newsletter and the AVERT website.

All prospective aplications will be assessed by the AVERT Executive Committee.

Research member applicants who do not meet the criteria above will be invited to join the AVERT Network as Affiliate Members, and are welcome to switch their membership category at any time upon meeting the criteria for Research Membership listed above.


Research members have access to:


Resources – Browse and download all the research resources uploaded and curated by AVERT members, including research members-only ‘work in progress’ for feedback and discussion

Events – Advance notice of AVERT events, seminars, symposia, workshops, master classes and roundtables

Early bird ticketing – Priority registration and ticketing to all AVERT events

AVERT Research Newsletter – Up to date funding opportunities, calls for papers and job opportunities for researchers

Engagement and collaboration – Ability to propose topics for seminars, projects, conferences and publications or blogs; find and collaborate with other AVERT members from academia, community and government;  share news and information on related events and activities through members’ networks

Research Members Application Form

Applications for affiliate membership


Affiliate membership of the AVERT Research Network is open to individuals, community organisations and groups, service providers, NGOs, think tanks and government agencies with an interest in AVERT’s focus and activities who wish to stay in touch with current research, opportunities for workshops, seminars, policy briefs and roundtables, and opportunities for collaboration with researchers and other potential partners for project ideas and development.

The AVERT Executive Committee reserves the right to decline membership applications for either the research or affiliate categories where the Executive considers that the application does not align with AVERT’s core focus and/or principles of operation.

Affiliate members have access to:


Resources – Browse and download publicly available research resources and publications

Events – Advance notice of AVERT events, seminars, symposia, workshops, master classes and roundtables

AVERT Newsletter – Quarterly round-up of AVERT activities, publications, resources and links

Engagement and collaboration – Find and collaborate with AVERT members from academia, community and government; share news of related events and activities through members’ networks; propose topics for AVERT seminars or blogs.

Affiliate Members Application Form

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